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Our Journey

In 1993, Nancy and John Lasseter moved to the town of Sonoma, and they soon discovered the art of winemaking through a small group of winemaking friends. As time went on, their passion evolved from simple wine appreciation to a point where they realized they had become very much immersed in the winemaking process.

With the desire to craft wines in an old world style, the Lasseters started making wine at Remick Ridge in 2000. The dream of Lasseter Family Winery was slowly evolving, and John and Nancy began to consider options for a winery of their own. When a historic Sonoma Valley winery and vineyard property (in need of significant restoration and renovation) became available in 2002, John and Nancy decided it was the perfect place to continue their story.

In their quest to make world-class wines, the Lasseters partnered with Sonoma County winemaker Julia Iantosca. John and Nancy’s passion for blended wines perfectly matches Julia’s approach to winemaking, and together they have been fine-tuning the estate vineyards, developing signature blends and meticulously defining the Lasseter Family Winery house style. Additionally, the Lasseter cellar team brings an intimate knowledge of Sonoma Valley winemaking to the adventure.

Today, three generations of the Lasseter family are working together to make distinctive wines that are uncompromising in style, informed by art, and produced with a convivial approach to the family business.